The Wisbech Interfaith Forum seeks to promote good relations between Christian and non-Christian religions and between them both and the wider community, including those of no faith.


The long term aim of the Wisbech Interfaith Forum is to produce a  community in the market town of Wisbech and its locality which is more comfortable with its emerging identity, more integrated, more diverse and more dynamic. 

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum has continually sought  to increase awareness of the diversity of faith in modern Britain and to provide a safe place in which dialogue can occur.

Work with schools

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum constantly seeks to work closely with schools and colleges.

In addition to our members visiting local schools and the Wisbech campus of the College of West Anglia, the Forum has arranged for speakers to either visit schools or speak at schools-only session at a public venue.


The Forum seeks to help students understand the different cultures and faiths of those who live in modern Britain and around the world, and to promote open-mindedness and good citizenship.


The Forum has:

  • Arranged conferences

  • Hosted speakers at public meetings and arranged for them to speak to local school pupils

  • Funded trips by adults and youngsters to a wide variety of places of worship

  • Brought faith-related exhibitions to the town

  • Hosted performances of music from different faith and cultural backgrounds

  • Organised collections for disaster appeals, and encouraged people to support those of other faiths in their time of need

How it is run

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum has no paid employees, but is run on a voluntary basis.

Meetings are usually held every two months, with all committee members free to propose new projects, which are then discussed, decided upon and put into effect by the committee.

Committee members may receive expenses or an honorarium for particular projects which go beyond what can be reasonably expected of them.


Speakers normally receive expenses and/or an honorarium.


All material on this website is copyright © 2018 by Wisbech Interfaith Forum, unless stated otherwise.

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