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to Wisbech Interfaith Forum

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum was established to promote good relations between Christian and non-Christian religions and between them both and the wider community, including those of no faith.

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum has sought  to increase awareness of the diversity of faith in modern Britain and provide a safe place for dialogue to occur.

The Wisbech Interfaith Forum organises:

  • Speakers on faith and how it impacts on the life of the community

  • Visits to the places of worship of a variety of faiths

  • Opportunities for school students to encounter a wide variety of beliefs and members of different faiths.

We have no paid employees, and the committee meets at least bi-monthly to discuss and organise projects.

Why not join us?

Latest news

Wisbech Interfaith Forum committee. Photo © William Alderson 2018.

The current committee

Back row: William Alderson, Charlie Beeton, Bharat Khetani

Front row: Sean Finlay,Pritty Khetani, Jacqueline Mulhallen

Other committee members: John Wickes, Sue Beel

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